Workshops, classes and internships take place at the 5 Points Music Sanctuary, 1217 Maple Ave. SW, Roanoke. The venue is on a bus line.


Please arrange for morning bus delivery there.



Group exercise classes take place at the Kirk Family YMCA every class day. The sessions are after lunch: 12:45-2:00


There is no cost for members of the A.R.T. program.


Please arrange for bus pickup there:

520 Church Ave SW, Roanoke, VA 24016

How A.R.T. works




A.R.T. uses a vocational approach to art to assess your strengths and barriers, and facilitate the development of transferable soft and hard skills for the workplace.


A.R.T. provides skills development using art projects, and follows them from start to completion.


A.R.T. uses a variety of techniques and strategies, including role-playing and playwriting to address soft skills needed in the workplace.


A.R.T. helps you develop a personal Job Search Kit that includes the tools for successfully developing, obtaining, and maintaining a job. We develop your job search skills and launch you on a personal job search.


A.R.T. partners with the YMCA to deliver custom group exercise classes and physical fitness plans.


At the end of our program, upon your choice, you will be eligible for a job placement and job coach services.


Classes are organized to roughly coincide with the Roanoke City Schools holiday schedule. The 2018 fall semester begins August 13 and ends December 20. There are no day classes on the days of or before internship sessions at Five Points Music shows. See calendar.


There is no program on Roanoke City or County snow days.


Classes are Monday-Friday, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.


Participants bring their own lunches. We have a kitchen with a refrigerator and a microwave.


MORNING SESSION: Workshop and classroom projects


Coming to class at A.R.T. is the same as coming to a job. It is a workplace and participants are asked to dress and behave accordingly. Although work aprons are provided, dress for workshop and classroom projects should be clothing that can withstand rough wear and stains.




Group exercise classes are held at the Kirk Avenue YMCA. These are custom classes designed for A.R.T. by the Kirk Wellness team. Membership at the Y is included with participation in the program. Participants can wear street clothes or change into gym clothes at the Y.


Transportation from the 5 Points venue to the Kirk Y is provided.




There are no day classes when interns work a show that night.


Internships are organized through the 5 Points Music Sanctuary in Roanoke, Virginia. Five Points is a stage venue for musical acts. Food and drink is served on site. Shows are conducted in evenings. There are also Sunday brunch/matinees.


A.R.T. participants sell raffle tickets that benefit the Five Points Foundation. Internship participation is voluntary. The schedule varies.



Here are the important categories that the program addresses:


• Self direction.

This is addressed through the simplicity and clarity of the dual task analysis breakdowns in which the instructor and you compare notes after you have completed an individual project. This is the heart of the job training. It is what makes working an art project a transferrable skill.


• Interpersonal skills

This is addressed in our use of theater in role playing for work site conflict resolution and for job interview practice. It also addresses interaction on the job, including personal presentation, manners, and courtesies. Interaction is also addressed through dual task analysis after team assembly line projects.


• Communication

This is addressed during our “roundtable” which starts every program day. These meetings are both instructional and therapeutic. The meeting is also an opportunity for you to clarify instructions and express opinions.


• Work tolerance

This is addressed through the variety of art projects you will encounter. The tasks range from those that are quick and simple to those that have multiple steps and may require more than one work day. Some tasks require standing. Some don’t. Some tasks are done by individuals. Some are done by teams.  Your work tolerance is assessed in the final report.


• Work skills

This is also addressed through the range of projects. Different projects have different instructions. Different projects require different tools. They also require different approaches to beginning and completing the project. The most important element of the A.R.T program in this category is your ownership and negotiation for sale of the final products made in the shop.


The training takes place in four phases:


Phase I:  Assessment

Phase II: Skills Development (with hands on projects)

Phase III: Skills Development (workplace)

Phase IV: Job Readiness Training and Job Search


PHASE I - Assessment


Coming to A.R.T. is the same as coming to a job. It is a workplace and you will be asked to dress and behave accordingly.


The assessment process begins with introductions and an overview of the program.  Information will be gathered on your strengths, abilities, needs, preferences, goals, and projected outcomes for each phase of the program.  Workplace rules, consumer’s rights/ responsibilities are reviewed during the first week of the program. Functional assessments will be provided using a variety of art and service related projects in order to develop individual goals and measurable objectives.  The final step is a written assessment profile.


PHASE II – Skills Development – projects


This phase begins with an introduction to and an understanding of soft and hard skills.


Trainees will work with a variety of art materials and tools such as paper, wood, metals, scraps, etc. which will reinforce gross and fine motor dexterity, eye-hand coordination, spatial relations, memory and concentration, physical and mental stamina, and attendance to tasks from on-set to task completion.


A.R.T. staff will provide task analyses on each project.  Consumers and staff will assess progress on each task performed by the students.


In the final portion of Phase II, trainees will present chosen items for acceptance at a consignment shop that has agreed to work with the A.R.T. program. Consumers will receive all of the income from the sales.


PHASE III Skills Development – workplace


This phase prepares you to apply for, obtain, and maintain employment. Staff and consumers will develop a personal Job Search Kit. Consumers are provided strategies to deal with work related issues such as time management, problem solving, resume writing, completing job applications, interviewing, and conflict resolution.  Techniques used will include mock interviewing, role playing, and play-writing.


PHASE IV Job search skills and job search


This phase prepares you to apply for, obtain, and maintain employment. Staff will help you develop a personal Job Search Kit. Consumers are provided strategies to deal with work related issues such as time management, problem solving, resume writing, completing job applications, interviewing, and conflict resolution.



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